Why cubase?

August 21, 2018


Since 2002 I'm working with Cubase DAW starting with version 5 until Cubase pro 9 these days.


There is a big argument about what is the best daw for sound / music production. The battle is between Mac ( for example Protools) and PC (for example Cubase)for the title ‘the king of the studio’.


I didnt have the option to choose in my early days because I only had a standard simple pc with nothing fancy or powerful to work with. That meant, I had to go with Cubase.

Fast forward to the end of my story choosing cubase was the right choice even if it was my only option back in the days. The unlimited production options and the supportive environment working with many kind of audio files and great and evolving vst system (new vst cloud), is a very important for a music producer.

From Cubase 5 until version 9 today there were massive new changes for and from the user experince side. The editing tools, the connectivity the easy intoative working space and the build in VST instruments. Plugins that go along with the basic version are more than plenty for the starting music producer and sound engineer.

Through the years I’ve worked also on Mac and other hi end DAWs, and they are many today. And still, after of that, and from my experience, Cubase takes them all, big time.

I know that many producers will choose to stay with the first DAW that they started with throughout their professional carrirer. None the less, this is my recommendation for the new upcomming producer. 

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