The road to a perfect song

February 9, 2018



The production process is a long and complex one, with general guidelines but no exact rules in advance. This is a very important process - a successful choice of yours will bring the desired results in your ears and your audience's ears and can make your song a success or a failure.

Once you have found the proper words and melody you want for your track,

it's time to get it into the studio and start the production process:


1. Choosing a music producer- I'll surprise you and say that my experience has shown you should always choose a musical producer that's not necessarily coming from your musical genre. This contributes to the creativity process and opens you to new ideas and diverse musical styles. All of that can contribute to the final product. This way, you  will get the results you wanted and even far beyond.


2. The production- entering the studio: This is the hard core process. Producing a song is a long process and it is important to be patient. The production requires a musical ear and an ability to listen to the customer needs. Moreover, the production process also requires proper equipment. The equipment does not have to be necessarily expensive, you just need to hire a producer who knows his equipment and knows how to take advantage of his studio equipment to maximize the production process and reach the best results.


3. Focusing on a small number of ideas: a very important stage of the production is not spreading on a large selection of ideas and rather stick to a few major ones. As you have more ideas you'll get lost in the production process.


4. Stems and parts: as I said before in the previous section, also here, it is better to invest in a small number of stems. multi-stems results an overload and destroys the production and your song. In this case , it is right to say- less is more. It is better to invest in each existing stem you have and make sure what any sound or role you created blends harmonically to get the desired piece. As you load more stems and more effects, your message will be lost and the production will fit less to your desires. This is especially true in the mixing stage. Multi stems will create collisions of frequencies and so on.


5. Vocals stem: When you record the vocals, be as clean and tied as you can be. Extra effects on this stem must be added in the proper touch to be respectful to the vocals. Remember that the effects are not the main thing, only an addition.


6. Rhythms: You need to get the right pace in order to get it correctly blend together with your other instruments and vocals. The rhythm gives you the basics and focus for all of your creation. The rhythm comes from the musical style and focus you want to give to your song.



 Post production phases:


7. Mix: Once the production phase ends, there comes a phase that is not simple but no less important to the all process- the mixing. Here you should get a producer with a good ear, with superior technical skills and creativity in order to take your song to the next level. Here, too, the effects are not the main thing. Do not use  Eco, Reverb and Distortion excessively. All should be used in a good manner and in accordance with the general spirit of the production. Remember- bad mix can ruin an entire song so do not underestimate this process!


8. Master- This is the final finish before the song plays on the radio and entering music charts. The mastering role is to stabilize the song, highlight the important frequencies and soften the frequencies that interfere. Mastering is responsible to boost the all song along with the Reverb and Distortion. This step is not long, but it requires the producer to understand what purpose intended for the song (like if it's going to the radio, single, album, concert, etc.). This is important so the producer will know what kind of mastering to perform on the song.


In sum, each stage in producing a song is important in itself, but at the same time all the steps together, complement each other and create harmony. Therefore, do not reduce the importance of any stage of the production if you are interested in a high quality finished product.

Good luck!


For further questions or comments you can contact me here


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