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Avri music has a lot going on, and invites you to join them on their musical journey. With a selection of offers for you needs , you can read all about our studio services here and contact us for more information

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Photo 11.5.2016, 0 14 34.jpg

If you Need instrumental music for your song ,YouTube, podcast, radio, game or any other projects.
I will produce for you instrumental track customize for your purpose with your own style.

I will mix anything audio related such as music, song, podcast, voiceover etc. with: EQ ,Compression,Noise Reduction, Color EQ,Stereo Imaging, Limiter/Maximizer

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I guarantee your mixes will shine brighter and louder than any other mixes on any digital platform.
professional mastering:Dynamic Range Enhancement , Stereo Imaging,Clarity boost & Warm low-end punch that may be missing from your flat mixes,Detailed Equalization,Compression,Noise Reduction,Color EQ,Stereo Imaging,Limiter


- Cutting out unwanted audio parts.

- Reducing background noises to a minimum.

- Break/Combine/Repeat/Cut audio files

- Add background music that you provide

- Volume adjustments

Photo 25.6.2016, 13 45 02.jpg

If you're looking for a professional Dj set/mash up for: running,gym practice,driving,partys,easy listening,just for fun,presentation,business inquiries.

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