• Need a killer unique MASHUP
    for your dance routine? Want to wow your guests at your next event?Having A party? You've come to the right place!All you need to do is to select the package that suits you and let me work the magics and produce you a one of a kind mashup from your favorite songs!(up to 12 songs)all the mashups provided are "hand made" and there are no programs involved. That means that no matter what songs you'll be choosing, or genres, I will provide you with the most suitable, pumping mashup, just for you. The mashups can be fast and upbeat (like for a party) or slower and steady (like for a first dance at your wedding). If you have any specific parts you need to have from each songs, any general genre you want the mashup to be in, just let me know and Ill make it work for you.I will need from you:

    songs list (up to 12 songs)
    songs in mp3/wav format
    if you dont have the song audio please send me YouTube links of every song

    Delivery time:7 days
    Delivery type: email

    *remember that the song bpm(speed) may change in the processes faster or slower.
    Thank you

    Avri music

    Create The Most Pumping Mashup From Your Songs up to 12 songs

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