Remix Competition: 'Love again'


Love again

  • Create a track at least two minutes in length

  • Have legal rights to all sounds used in your remix

  • Use at least one of the stems provided

  • Be prepared to show project files

To qualify, you must:


  • Welcome to the official remix competition for Avri's single “Love again”


  • The emerging producer is making waves with his signature blend of energetic house music. Now here’s your chance to show him what you can do and get discovered in the process.


  • “Writing the track was simple — the complexity was in trying to express lyrically what pure love should feel like,” he opines.


  • “In a winning remix, you should add your own unique style to the mix, be creative . I definitely want to hear your passion for remixing.”


  • Got what it takes to become our next #Avriremix champion? Enter your remix today for a chance to win our exclusive prizes. upload your remix into our forum 



  • 1 Official  single release of the winning remix

  • 1 free remix to your original song 

  • 2 free mastering for your music

MTV featured music producer. with over 17 years of experience in music production, sound engineering, mix and mastering. Producing WorldWide top hits as seen on “Jersey Shore”, doing remixes to top artists like OneRepublic, Cheryl Cole and more.


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